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This project was the winner in the All-Russian national competition "Rosmolodyozh" (the Russian youth)
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About us

Our mission

is to increase the attractiveness of the brand of Russian education in the international market of educational services, to promote the Russian language and to present the Russian culture abroad.

Project's goal

is to create the opportunity to pass a comprehensive career guidance remotely, which is especially important for foreign students

Objectives for 2019:

  1. to expand the list of universities for foreign students, to increase awareness about Russian education and opportunities to learn the Russian language
  2. to increase influx of foreign students
  3. to improve literacy and competence of university staff, who works with foreign students and their associations, international exchange and international cooperation programs


- The project is aimed at fulfillment of tasks of the National Project "Education" for the period of 2018-2024, with regard to "Export of Russian education"
- The project is aimed at fulfillment of the priority tasks of project of the Russian Federation "Development of export potential of the Russian educational system", approved by the General Committee of the President's Council of the Russian Federation on strategic development and priority projects (Minutes № 6 dated May 30, 2017)
Nowadays Russian and foreign students, who dream and wish to enroll in the Russian universities, are usually guided by the information from commercial companies; therefore, they make a choice in favor of expensive and prestigious universities, not observing all possibilities.

Thus, the applicants are ready to enroll at the engineering professional education, and many thereafter remain to work upon contract or consider options for professional work in international companies. This exchange within student youth is very important for development of international cooperation, increase of tolerance and awareness about other cultures and traditions. However, this is not so much developed as it could be.

Our project offers a large-scale solution to facilitate the arrival and enrollment at Russian universities through open information access and wide choice of areas of study based on abilities and skills of everyone interested. At the same time, created database will be updated every year and will be open to leave comments and suggestions about universities, as well as specialized agencies, which may adjust the quotas for foreign students. Moreover, many issues are not resolved dealt with employment and student's transition from Bachelor's programme to Master's programme. All this can be shown, so that the problem would be solved in Russia as a whole, not in some special cases, or universities. The unit will operate in two languages, at that it will be located at one of the specialized professionals with the support of the embassies. You may attract an interpreter during counseling and testing session.
Project's history
The project was launched in 2014 upon agreement between Russian side and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tunisia (an official agreement has been signed).

The first agreement on enrollment of foreign students was an agreement with Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Department of Space Science) in 2016. This was very interesting for people from Africa.

In 2018 the project received a federal grant support from Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodyozh). Nowadays the project team works in cooperation with African, Asian and the CIS countries for the matter of counseling and assistance during choice of university, profession and region of Russia.


Comprehensive service
Testing and counseling session, including remote diagnostics of skills and personal profile of the applicant. This comprehensive service helps both to define the direction of study, and to choose university and future profession.
Work in cooperation with Russian universities
We have a discussion with the requested universities for the desired direction of study! We support foreign students during their study period.
We have the best experts!
The problem of self-determination can be resolved even if the applicant is not able to choose a profession after passing the test. You just need to make an appointment for counseling session, and our experts will apply their individual approach to help you in choosing your direction of study and preferable university.
It is the first online portal in Russia
Career guidance unit is the first online portal that can help any school graduate not only to define their profession, but also to choose a suitable university.
We help everyone interested
This resource will give you an advice and help you in choosing the direction of study out several ones, based on your preferences and character traits. A group of psychologists and consultants exclude the possibility of machine errors; the test is processed remotely to avoid the subjective opinion. This tool will facilitate and assist everyone interested both in Russia and abroad to come to study in a suitable region.
Employment assistance for young students with health limitations
Parents will learn techniques for career guidance and employment assistance for young students with health limitations
The proper speed of getting the required information
Test duration is about 1 hour; automated processing is 3-5 minutes. After 30 min. approximately a counseling session starts.
Анастасия Харитонова
Алексей Казаков
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Дмитрий Белоус
Анастасия Преображенская
Алла Золотаревская
Григорий Кононенко
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