Objective of the project
The aim of the project is to create the possibility of passing professional orientation remotely, which is especially important for foreign applicants and people with disabilities.
Project task
Provision of integrated remote services: testing + counseling, including the diagnosis of the abilities and personal profile of the applicant, his skills. Such a comprehensive service helps simultaneously with determining the direction of study, the choice of university and future profession
First online portal in Russia
"Career guidance room" is the first online portal that can help any applicant not only to decide on a profession, but also to choose a suitable university.
Help to everyone
This resource will prompt and help you choose a direction from several based on preferences, opportunities to the inclination of a person. A group of psychologists and consultants exclude the possibility of program errors, while the test will be processed remotely, which will relieve from subjectivity. This tool will facilitate and help all comers, both in Russia and abroad, to come to study in the desired region.
Promoting the employment of young people with disabilities
Teaching parents about vocational guidance and job placement assistance for young people with disabilities.
The speed of obtaining the necessary information
Duration of testing is about 1 hour, automated processing, 3-5 min. After about 30 min. counseling is underway.
Trainings, seminars and webinars
Training groups
Work with charitable foundations
Project partners
+7 999-844-00-70
Moscow, Russia